Social Media In Kenya

Social Media In Kenya

Kenya has been described as a country that has embraced social media. When reporting about social media in Kenya, Datareportal says that Kenyans are warming up to social media. Kenya is number one in East Africa and four in Africa in terms of internet penetration. This article speaks about Social Media In Kenya and its impact on many businesses.

Social Media Trends In Kenya

Currently, over 22 million people in Kenya have access to the internet. This is almost half the country’s population. In the last 12 months, internet penetration grew by 13%, which means new people are getting on board.

But why is this so? Research shows that about 98% of the population have mobile phones with at least 2G internet connectivity, and about 88% of Kenyans own smartphones with up to 5G internet connectivity. These are the main devices through which Kenyans access the internet. Some also use tablets, laptops, and desktops to access the internet and social media.

On average, Kenyans aged between 16-64 years spend at least three hours on social media daily. Some use social media for fun on platforms like TikTok, while others use it for business.

What Does This Mean For Your Businesses?

Kenya has about 8.8 million active users of social media. This is a huge number that no serious business can ignore. Well, you may decide to use social media for fun and to connect with friends and relatives, but if you have a business, you can use social media as a marketing channel. Different businesses are now putting up blogs, social media handles, and so on so that they can connect with their customers. Read more about business blogs in Kenya to get insight on how to run your business online.

Many individual business owners and companies are already taking advantage of social media for marketing and advertisement, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

The Most Popular Social Networks In Kenya

Social media is behind the booming market for cheap smartphones in the country. Many Kenyans are buying phones just to access social media. 

The mobile apps used to access social media are also very popular. No matter your aim of using social media, it is important to know which platforms are more popular than others. On these platforms, you can easily connect with your family and friends and also advertise your business. The most popular social media platforms in Kenya are:


Facebook isn’t only popular in Kenya but also reigns supreme globally. Facebook is easy to use and has many interesting features. Over five million Kenyans are active Facebook users, and the number is rapidly growing. 

On the world stage, there are over 2.7 billion active monthly Facebook users. Given its uptake and reach, this platform has become indispensable for many brands. They use it to run their digital marketing campaigns and to build communities of loyal customers. Facebook allows companies and individuals to create groups and pages that they can use to advance their agenda.

In fact, Facebook is so mainstream that you can use it to interact with your grandparents through chats and even video calls.


Twitter comes second after Facebook in terms of popularity in Kenya. About 24.84% of social media users in Kenya are active on Twitter, which translates to about 1.7 million people.

Many professionals like Twitter because tweets are limited in the number of characters, making them concise and direct to the point. This is unlike Facebook posts that can be very long. Many brands prefer Twitter if they want to get their message across to their audience concisely. Since 2014, Twitter has allowed its users in Kenya to purchase Twitter Ads, which have become popular with brands that carry out digital campaigns. 


YouTube is a social media platform that mainly hosts videos. Many celebs in Kenya have YouTube channels they use to promote their work. At an individual level, you can also post your videos on YouTube for your friends and family to view. 

Posting videos on YouTube is free. All you need is a Gmail account, and you’ll be good to go. The advantage of YouTube is that you can monetize and earn some side income, depending on the number of people who view your videos. A lot of influencers like Youtube because they are able to connect with their consumers directly even in real-time (live).


LinkedIn is more skewed towards professional and business engagements. It’s a platform that allows professionals to network and share information. 

A big percentage of LinkedIn users create professional profiles with their academic/professional qualifications and work history. For this reason, LinkedIn acts as a platform where professionals interact. 

Some companies post job vacancies on LinkedIn, making it the best place for job seekers. Currently, there are about 1.3 million LinkedIn users in Kenya. LinkedIn also sells ads that brands can use for their digital campaigns.


There are about 3 million Instagram users in Kenya. This is a platform where users share their photos, making it great for socialization and business purposes. Instagram is very popular among youth and allows brands to run ads. So if your company deals with youth products, Instagram could be the best place for you to run your ads. Instagram is especially good for potraying brand image.

The Future Of Social Media In Kenya

Since Kenyans “discovered” social media, more and more people have been getting on board. To some people, it is becoming more or less like an addiction.

Coronavirus And Social Media In Kenya

The surge in social media use was boosted in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, forcing a reduction in physical interactions. As local travels were discouraged and cities like Nairobi and Mombasa went under lockdown, people had no option but to jump to social media to keep in touch with their loved ones. Some people lost their jobs, and it was social media that provided them with a solace.

Social Media Shopping

Facebook introduced a feature called Marketplace that allows individuals to advertise their wares. This feature has become very popular because it’s free. Facebook also allows users to post and boost their Ads at a fee. Boosted ads reach more people than ordinary ads.

Instagram and other social media platforms also allow people to sell their goods. You can order these goods directly from these sites and have them delivered to you.

Social media in Kenya is getting more and more popular as new features get added. This means social media platforms are here to stay and can only get better.

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