School Management System

AI-Powered, Cloud-Based School Management System built for any school, college, or university.
Manage and run your school from anywhere using a web or a mobile-based application.

Cloud Based

Access your school software from anywhere in the world in real-time. No local hosting, no lost data.

Mobile App

The entire system runs seamlessly on any smart mobile phone Get a custom mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Web App

Use web browsers like Chrome and Safari to access your school system. It easily works on any browser out there.

Easy To Use

Everything we create is built with simplicity in mind. We've done our best to only include the customization options you need.

Well Coded

We're just as fanatical about well-written code as we are about clean designs. Request for a demo and see for yourself!

Several Modules

We have thought about literally everything that you need to efficiently run your school and have integrated it into the system.

What is a School Management System?

A school Management system is an information management system designed for efficient and seamless operations of a school. Implementing this digital solution makes it easier for school users, i.e., teachers, parents, students, and non-teaching staff, to access essential information.

This may be class attendance, student data, transport, fee management, leave details, etc. An effective school management system creates an open communication channel enhancing a smooth flow of information to and from users.

The best school management system in Kenya
School management software for any institution in Kenya

Experience the School Management Software like never before!

It's not just about 40+ modules, it's about depth in the functionality, reporting, and ease of use. Productivity, accountability, and communication excellence are byproducts of adopting our system.

Bring together students, teachers, parents and staff.

We have developed a system that brings together all stakeholders of a school. Parents can monitor their child's progress and teachers can easily communicate with parents within the system. Online and SMS push notifications make this even more effective.

✔ All in one integration
✔ Push Notifications
✔ Only select modules that you need
✔ Branded Website and Mobile App

Mobile App of our school management system

Why Use Our School Management System?

Countless features that will make managing your school very easy


Applications such as Gmail and Google Drive are cloud-based. This means data can be stored and accessed online without keeping the bulk of that system. You can also access this information anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. Similarly, our school management system is cloud-based. Therefore, you can access any type of information or update with zero paperwork. Consequently, there won’t be a need to worry about the safety of the data.

Mobile App

With the advancement in technology, mobile apps have made it possible for schools to run smoothly and efficiently. It has become easier for users to access information as well as get updates on current events. This information may be class attendance or bus tracking details. Parents can use this app to make online payments and get digitized receipts. Our mobile app also provides a platform for teachers, students, and parents to connect through email and messaging.

Front End Website

We have structured our information in a pleasant, simple presentable manner that’s easy on the eyes. Our front-end website is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate both on the phone and the laptop. Therefore, this makes it easier to access data. This also doubles as a web app. Our web app is an easy-to-use app with search functionality that makes it easier to access information as well as smooth navigation. You can run the web application on different platforms, i.e., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Admin End

An admin end portal is for administrators. These are people who have access to all or specific areas of the school management system. Our system allows the administrator to access information on various categories such as the library, inventory, transport, hostel, fees collection, student information, human resource details, and much much more.

Teacher End

Our teacher’s end is an extensive segment that permits teachers to access student information, class attendance, examination schedule, online classes, zoom live classes, and lesson plans. Additionally, the teacher’s end displays their class and school timetable. This reduces paperwork, miscommunication and gives them access to comprehensive data all in one place.

Parent End

The parents’ end portal allows parents to monitor their children’s academic progress, check their class attendance and syllabus status. Our school management software lets parents receive updates on school events or emergency information such as school closure. If they want to check the fee structure, communicate to the administration or enquire about any type of information, they can easily do so.

Student End

Our student end enables students, parents, and teachers to access parent or guardian details, transport, hostel details, and personal information such as date of birth, religion, and medical history. This database can be easily accessed and stored for future use.
Similarly, students can also check their class timetable, access online classes, examination schedule, class attendance, and their syllabus status.


We have made accounting easier by designing a system that can keep detailed records of each monetary structure. This includes fee records, employee salary, inventories, expenses, and profits. This kind of system creates transparency within the school administration since they can keep track of their finances and have detailed reports anytime they need them. . Additionally, the system generates monthly or yearly financial reports.

Front Office

Our front office portal has an automated visitor book, a phone call log, and an inventory system that keeps track of the school’s supplies. We also have a complaint section where users can file their complaints under different categories, i.e., school fees, teachers, transport, hostel, or the front office. These are not the only features. We have several more features on our system. Feel to request a demo and we'll get back to you asap

Need online classes? Monitor teacher's progress maybe?

Create your digital academy and have your students learn from home. Our system has the capability to integrate Google Meets and Zoom so you can conduct online classes when you need to. These can also be pre-recorded so that students can access them at any time. We also make it easy for teachers to record their lesson plans and schemes of work.

✔ Live Google Meet Classes
✔ Live Zoom Classes
✔ Monitor teacher's progress
✔ Pre-recorded online classes

Online classes option in our school management software

What are the modules of our school management software?

Front Office
Our school management software has an integrated front office, where the receptionist can keep admission statistics of the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff. It also allows the administration to keep track of visitors’ details, i.e., phone call log, a postal dispatch& receive list, and a record of user complaints.

Student Information
Our student information system keeps track of student details, their admission statistics, online admission, a record of disabled students, multi-class students, and their hostel categories.

Fees Collection
Parents no longer have to spend time in long queues paying school fees. They also don’t have to worry about safety and secure payment methods. This school management system allows parents to access fees structure, make payments online and get receipts. It also automates dates and fines for late payments as per pre-set rules. This data may be sent via email or Short Message Service (SMS)

Teachers have a hard time preparing for exams, including creating exam timetables, marking the papers, grading, and distributing them. Our software enables teachers to develop an exam schedule reducing the workload and improving efficiency. It also generates reports according to the school’s grading system. Therefore the parents and students can access their exam results anytime.

A class roll call might be overwhelming and time-consuming, mainly where a teacher deals with many students. But a school management system provides a detailed report of class attendance and leave days. It not only keeps a record of students’ attendance but also a record of teachers, administrators, the non-teaching staff, and their working hours.

Human Resource
Our software takes care of employee admission, leave management, payroll assignment, and generation. This makes it easier for employees to apply for leave and keep track of their salary details. Additionally, the administration monitors staff attendance and teachers’ ratings.
This saves time, improves efficiency, and eliminates miscommunication between HR and the staff.

Our academics segment allows users to access information such as class and teachers’ timetables. Under this segment, students can check if they have been promoted to the next class or not. Similarly, parents can check their children’s academic progress and syllabus status.

As a parent, you can track your children’s movements in real-time with the integration of GPS devices on our mobile app. Parents can know the route as well as the driver assigned to it. This system also allows them to get SMS alerts when their children get home.

Online classes
Our school management software enables students to take part in online classes and online examinations from the comfort of their homes. The system makes it easier for the teachers to keep track of the syllabus status and online course report.

Advantages of having a School Management System

A School Management System helps in the operational efficiency of the school and creates a channel of communication among the students, teachers, and parents. Some of its advantages are;

If you are a parent, you can access information anywhere and across all platforms and devices within a couple of seconds. All you need to do is have access to the internet. Without school management software, a parent would have to visit the school to get information on a particular query.

Bridges Communication Gap
With school management software, users are kept up to date with school activities. SMS (Short Messaging Service), email, and mobile apps enable schools to communicate efficiently. This eliminates miscommunication between the school, parents, and students, creating transparency and trust.

Safe Record Keeping
One of the most significant advantages of the school management software is that it safely stores essential and confidential data such as; fees collection, exam records, and human resource details. Only specific people are allowed access to certain information, and because the data is stored in the clouds, it cannot get lost.

Enhances Transparency
There have been numerous scandals in schools, i.e., the management embezzling students’ school fees and so forth. With a school management system, parents are kept up to date with the school’s activities, financial reports, and their children’s progress. This transparency builds trust between the school and the parents, strengthening their relationship.

Human Resource Management
The school system’s HR feature keeps track of employee admission, leave management, payroll assignment, payslip generation, etc. It also monitors employee attendance and their working hours. This feature reduces the school’s administration’s workload, also making communication easier.

Fees Collection
Parents no longer have to visit the school or stand in long queues to make payments. They can use mobile apps for safe and secure payment. The school management software enables them to receive receipts and keep track of the payments. The system allows them to receive alerts and notifications in case of delayed payment.

Gradebook generation
Parents and students can access examination timetables and scores through the mobile app or the website. The school management software then generates a grade book depending on the school’s template, making it easy to access academic records.

Reduces Workload and increases productivity
A school’s management body deals with numerous day-to-day tasks. It has to manage the teachers, staff, students, and non-teaching staff. School management software saves school time, energy, and much more since there’s less paperwork and typing on excel sheets. Because of the enhanced communication channel, the users do not have to spend time in meetings or creating school timetables. This leads to an increase in productivity.

Timetable Management
Creating timetables for schools can be overwhelming, especially if it has many students. The task is also time-consuming. But with school management software, it is easier to create a timetable using easy drag and drop functionality. The generated timetables are class timetables, teacher timetables, and institutional timetables.

Safety of Students
The integration of tracking devices into the school management system has made it possible to track students using mobile apps. Thus parents can know the whereabouts of the students and the driver allocated to a particular route. This makes it safe for children to move to and from school and reduces parents’ tension and worries.

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