IT Solutions from Hariox Media

Cloud-based, plug-n-play solutions that are built for any business. Integrate our solutions easily and automate and take your business to the next level

Some of our popular solutions

School Management

Manage admissions, academics, fees collection, and many more school funictions with ease.

Hospital Management

Add new patients, retrieve records, charge patients, and many more with our hospital system.

HR & Payroll

Customize and streamline your HR department, manage payroll, track performance and many more!

Hotel Management

Make reservations, book rooms and, collect payments for your hotel effortlessly with our robust hotel management software.

POS System

Whether you are running a supermarket or just a small business, our POS system will work for you seamlessly.

Pharmacy Management

Manage suppliers, invoices, and sales with our robust pharmacy management system that will help you grow your business.

Why do you need an automated solution for your business?

The whole world is becoming a digitized village. Managing businesses using old-school paperwork and spreadsheets is tiresome and time-consuming. That is why you need custom solutions to automate your business and make life easier for you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers.

All our solutions are cloud based and that makes it very convenient for anyone to access the system anytime and from anywhere. Do not be left in the old... digitize your business today with Hariox Media.

The best school management system in Kenya
School management software for any institution in Kenya

Experience Custom Business Solutions like never before!

It's not just about the different modules that our solutions offer, it's about depth in the functionality, reporting, and ease of use. Productivity, accountability, and communication excellence are byproducts of adopting our systems.

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