Digital Marketing In Kenya

Digital Marketing In Kenya

More and more businesses are using digital marketing strategies to reach their customers. Digital marketing techniques have proven to be a cost-effective way to reach a target audience and retain your existing customers. Unlike traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing allows personalized marketing. It also helps businesses get better conversion rates and to track their marketing results. Kenya is in the front line of using digital marketing, mostly adopted during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic has forced many businesses to move online due to government restrictions. If you have any questions about taking your business online, you can always check out our services. Here is a comprehensive guide on the state of digital marketing in Kenya.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing can be defined as using the internet to reach your customers. It includes the use of social media, mobile devices, and search engines, among other channels, to reach your customers. Digital marketing involves a new way to understand how customers behave and the best way to approach them.

Digital Marketing In Kenya

Having discussed the numbers, and the definition of digital marketing, let us take an in-depth look at digital marketing in Kenya. Here are some of the commonly used digital marketing strategies used in Kenya;

1. Social Media Marketing

This includes making use of social media platforms to reach your target audience and market your product or service. It is an effective and common strategy employed in Kenya because of the popularity of social media sites’, especially Facebook.

Abbreviated as SMM, social media marketing helps your brand gain awareness, drive sales and traffic. Different platforms have different audiences therefore flactuating performance between products and services.

SMM has become quite successful in Kenya, especially for young business owners or individuals selling online. It is the first start for a young company with a physical or online presence, and it has indeed worked for most.

There also has been an increase in Facebook groups where people can sell their products. For example, “Soko Huru” has given citizens a platform where they can post their products and services and connect freely with their customers.

2.     Search Engine Optimization

Commonly referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process of employing various techniques to get high organic traffic to your website by using search engines.

Google is the most popular and commonly used search engine in Kenya, with a market share exceeding 96%. The other 4% is enjoyed by different search engines such as Yahoo Search, Bing Search, and DuckDuckGo.

The increase in the use of digital marketing in Kenya has resulted in a demand for SEO experts. These experts help improve the overall ranking of a website. They do so by targeting keywords with good traffic and coming up with a strategy that ensures your site ranks on the first page of Google. Being one of the best digital marketing and SEO companies in Kenya, Hariox media takes pride in developing brands and achieving your business goals.

A high-ranking website assures you a good flow of traffic to your site, good leads as well as high conversion rates. Nonetheless, SEO is not a short-term or quick strategy. It is a long-term strategy that needs devotion and consistency.

3.     Content Marketing

The need to create informative and engaging content has been overstated for years now. Content marketing is not a new concept. It refers to using different forms of non-promotional content, such as infographics, blogs, and videos, to market your product or service.

Since the internet has become a social ground, you cannot keep advertising your product or service directly to your consumers. You need to offer them valuable, informative and engaging content that they can use.

This approach helps build loyalty with your audience as you continue building authority in your nice. Offer them solutions and answers to any questions they may potentially have. With time, you will become an expert and their go-to person.

4. Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing involves the use of celebrities to market or endorse your product or service. Influencer marketing has been in existence for a while now, even before the rise of inbound marketing strategies like social media marketing.

In the digital setting, influencers can be people or brands with a massive following on digital platforms. They use their space to influence their followers’ decision and urge them to buy a particular product.

In most scenarios, especially in Kenya, influencer marketing is combined with social media marketing and content marketing. Kenya has numerous influencers who you can approach depending on your product’s budget and guidelines.

Should you opt for this marketing strategy, you need to get the right influencers for your brand. Hariox Media can help you get in touch with influencers; contact us and let us know what you need. If you are a start-up enterprise and are limited by budgetary constraints, you can consider micro-influencers.

5.     Email Marketing

It remains the oldest online marketing strategy that has been used globally.  Emails give you an opportunity to reach your target customers directly through their email. However, it is a highly competitive method.

Email marketing is the practice of running your marketing campaign by sending information to your prospects directly to their email addresses. It is a standard method used in Kenya. Unfortunately, its success rate is relatively low.

To successfully employ this strategy, you need to come up with a suitable marketing strategy. First, begin with getting an email list from your target customers who are interested in your brand.

Second, set goals that help you know what you want to achieve through your campaign. Remember, it is a competitive method, and you need to draw attention from your customers’ list of emails. Lastly, ensure you plan your mails with appropriate follow-up emails to avoid your prospects seeing your emails as spam.

How has digital marketing affected e-commerce in Kenya?

Digital marketing is now a standard practice in all fields as businesses are evolving. Employing digital marketing in e-commerce has helped transform the retail industry.

Despite the numerous benefits of e-commerce, the uptake of e-commerce in Kenya has always been low. Luckily, the increase in the use of digital marketing in Kenya has positively influenced e-commerce. The speedy penetration and growth of smartphones and access to the internet have significantly boosted online buying and selling.

Digital marketing is the channel through which e-commerce can make massive revenue since it helps customers know about the product and prompt them to buy. Unlike before, customers are not only dependent on people’s words before deciding to purchase a product. They go through the reviews on a product listed online which influences their decision to purchase.

Besides, it has become essential to get the attention of your customers. Customers lose interest fast, and they need constant content to help them make decisions about a particular brand. They do so by employing various digital marketing strategies.

Here are some ways through which digital marketing has affected e-commerce;

·        Ability to reach new customers- traditionally, retail marketers would have to persuade customers to visit their physical locations as a marketing strategy. With digital marketing, there is a large pool of prospective customers, and there is no need for them to visit your shop anymore. Digital marketing helps attract new customers, as e-commerce makes it easy to buy and sell goods within a short amount of time.

·        Prioritizing the customer- E-commerce means customers can easily shop around various shops online. Therefore, to increase your sales, you need to understand your customer’s needs and deliver according to these needs to beat the competition. Thus, by digital marketing, you can engage with your consumers and do online surveys to understand their needs. Then deliver what they need.

With digital marketing, e-commerce stands a higher chance of growth and expansion. Digital marketing helps grab maximum attention from prospect audience, helping your business convert the increased traffic to sales.

What does the future hold?

Kenya is a developing country. Therefore, it has not entirely switched to e-commerce predominantly. The country still has a large informal sector. According to statistics from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the informal sector contributes as much as 65% of the total commercial activity.

However, there is a catch. There are more than 300 million smartphones. People can easily access the internet, and most of these people have access to social media. With the robust infrastructure in the country and the current regulation process, digital marketing in Kenya is set to continue rising.

Besides, more and more businesses are getting an online presence, with citizens choosing e-commerce as buying is easy and safe from the comfort of their homes. Online shops such as Jumia and Kilimall record-high sales and returns, showing a positive attitude toward e-commerce among the population.

While there is still a long way for Kenya to go to match other countries and world players, the statistics are showing the steady growth of digital marketing, e-commerce and mobile money transactions.

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