Online Marketing Company in Kenya

Online Marketing Company in Kenya

We pride ourselves on being the best online marketing company in Kenya. Our team specializes in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media - All geared to help you get more sales online

Hariox Media - The leading Online Marketing Company in Kenya

In a world where digital marketing is thriving, you need to have the right people to handle your campaign for you. Your competitors are likely investing their energy, money and resources to develop and implement tactics that will keep them at the top. The best way to beat them is to get Hariox Media on your team. We are the top online marketing company in Kenya, and our mission is to take your business to the next level.

Content Management

Your web copy is essential as it influences the reaction of your visitors. It is fundamental to your SEO and determines who visits your website. We know that the process is not easy, but you can trust us to handle your content. We are always updated about the trending news and latest market events, thereby ensuring that your content is relevant, useful and competitive.

Our professionals also do thorough keyword research in accordance to search engine requirements. We make your website easy to find attracting lots of traffic that you need to increase your sales. We handle all content formats from video to audio and blogs.

We have skilled writers to write your blogs, structure them and post them. Also, we create content calendars to ensure that your content is always updated as nobody is interested in reading stale news or articles.
Online marketing is gaining demand with US businesses spending more than $100 billion on it, as stated by eMarketer. Hence, relying on your old ways of online marketing might not work. You need a company that will go above and beyond to ensure that you keep up with the changing digital era and create an effective strategy. Hariox Media will not fall short.

Hiring us will help you save your money, time and resources thanks to our experts and digital marketing tools. We will help you to build your brand using the most affordable and effective strategy. Likewise, we will enable you to increase your reach and increase your ROI, not to mention promoting customer engagement.


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Why brands trust Hariox Media

Quality Work

We do not compromise on quality. We deliver nothing short of exceptional work


Any services offered to our clients are carefully strategized before implementation

Affordable Prices

We have very reasonable prices so that your digital marketing efforts do not break the bank

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Wide range of services

Digital marketing is a cross-platform service and Hariox Media offers all these services

Monitoring & Reporting

We give clear reports so you understand where your brand stands

Experienced Team

Our in-house digital marketing team understands what it takes to grow a brand across all digital platforms. We know our stuff.

The top services you will find in our online marketing site in Kenya

Here is a look at some of the major services that we provide.


Through in-depth keyword research and utilization of SEO practices, we enable you to rank highly on search engine results. We also do page optimization and tack your search results. In return, your website attracts quality traffic and improves conversions.

Website Design

As the best online marketing site in Kenya, we do website design. Our web development experts can build a custom website for your unique business needs. We know that your site is a reflection of your brand. Hence, we ensure that it serves the market requirements.

Social media management and marketing

Social media is powerful, and our digital marketing campaigns help you to make your brand felt in the market. We mainly deal with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms, but we can work on any other upon request. We mark your brand’s goals and evaluate your competitors and consumer behavior. We then use the data to create a social media marketing and management strategy that works for you.

Email Marketing

Our company offers email marketing as well. We take it upon us to make sure that your email campaigns are unique and attractive to customers. We create customized email templates and newsletters, ensuring that your emails are not deleted or marked as spam. We can also help you build a subscriber list and create powerful content that makes your emails worth reading

Pay Per Click Management

Our firm will help you manage your PPC campaign. Our abled experts are AdWords certified and will create excellent advertisements that target your audience while maximizing ROI for every keyword. We also track the performance of the ads to make informed decisions about your digital marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

If you are an influencer and would like help establishing a dominant online presence, we are here for you. We can create advertisements and also manage your social media accounts to ensure that they have relevant content creating competitiveness.

Work with the best Social Media Marketing Company in Kenya

Hariox Media stands out as a social media marketing company because we deliver results. Here are some of the benefits of working with us

Guaranteed results

Great customer service

Transparent reporting

What are you waiting for? Share with us what you are working on and we'll come up with a unique strategy just for you

Why Hariox Media is your chosen online marketing company in Kenya

Hariox Media is a success-oriented firm that offers an array of digital marketing solutions to all types of clients across all industries. We have a solution to all your company needs, whether you are a starter company or a big organization. Our goal is to help firms increase revenue, customer retention and maximize conversions. We are fully committed to the success of your online marketing campaign and so much more.

Spot on services

We always deliver top-quality services to our clientele. That is because we take research and data seriously. We must research your brand and audience to create measurable and accurate goals. In turn, all the actions in the work plan are effective.

Skilled industry experts

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals in different businesses. They have what it takes to handle all online marketing campaigns from start to finish successfully. Likewise, they are always up to date with the latest inventions and trends. Hence, they always develop efficient campaigns that are appealing to your audience.

A personalized digital marketing approach

Being a versatile online marketing site in Kenya, we embrace the uniqueness of all our clients and ensure that we satisfy all of them. We achieve this by using a personalized approach for each digital marketing service we offer. We set realistic goals and key performance indicators for every project. That facilitates an accurate assessment of our services, allowing us to make appropriate improvements every time.

Effective monitoring and evaluation

We constantly monitor and evaluate your digital marketing campaign to determine whether it is working for your business or not. Through Google Analytics, we can change the tactics involved if necessary, to make you competitive in the market. You can trust us to make those decisions for you.

Competitive prices

We are customer-centric and offer online marketing solutions in line with industry specifics and your online needs and financial capability. We provide you with our quality services without going beyond your budget. You will spend the least amount possible on the best campaigns.

If you want an online marketing company in Kenya that is all about positive results and achieving great milestones, hire Hariox Media.

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