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The best Influencer Marketing Agency in Kenya

Taking your business online and especially on social media is the best decision that you will ever make. According to research by BrightLocal, about 82% of customers read online reviews, and 90% of them trust reviews written by strangers. This trust is translating to money as about 40% of Twitter members say that they have bought a product or service due to a Tweet from a brand influencer. The numbers are much higher for other platforms like Instagram. There is power in this type of marketing, and you need to get serious if you want to be a successful influencer.

If you want to thrive as an influencer, you need an influencer marketing agency in Kenya to hold your hand. A lot is required to push brand products and services, and only Hariox Media can help you achieve these goals. We have the expertise required as well as the experience to market products across niches.

Hariox Media: Your go-to influencer marketing company in Kenya

Influencer marketing brings on board a great relief for customers who are tired of conventional digital marketing methods such as ads and messages. Most consumers will ignore them, and it becomes difficult to reach out to many customers.

Fortunately, Hariox media offers the best influencer marketing services that will help you attract new customers. That is because we understand the needs of your audience, and we tailor-make content that targets them. When they see your quality content, they will be left with no choice but to reach out to you. Consumers want authenticity, and that is what we give them.
Also, our experts understand that influencer marketers succeed as a result of building customer trust. Therefore, we will always engage your customers and respond to their comments or questions. That is an indication that you care. We encourage such conversations to get as many people as possible, talking about your brand. Soon, you will start realizing increased repeat purchases. More so, you get loyal customers and earn high revenue.

We have the latest content calendars and schedules that do the updates automatically. Hence, there is no day that your platform will lack new content. In turn, you will watch your ROI grow almost instantaneously.

If you want to work with a dependable influencer marketing agency in Kenya, contact Hariox Media. Our experience and skills offer you value for your money.


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Why brands trust Hariox Media

Quality Work

We do not compromise on quality. We deliver nothing short of exceptional work


Any services offered to our clients are carefully strategized before implementation

Affordable Prices

We have very reasonable prices so that your digital marketing efforts do not break the bank

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Wide range of services

Digital marketing is a cross-platform service and Hariox Media offers all these services

Monitoring & Reporting

We give clear reports so you understand where your brand stands

Experienced Team

Our in-house digital marketing team understands what it takes to grow a brand across all digital platforms. We know our stuff.

The main influencer marketing services offered by Hariox Media

At Hariox Media, we have different services that we have in our portfolio. You will not miss a service for any of your influencer marketing needs. Here is a look at some of our main services.

Influencer marketing strategy selection

Many strategies exist, but not all suit your business needs. While some companies will pick the first option that comes to mind, we only select a strategy that is 100% in line with your business. The process entails knowing your target audience. What we do as an influencer marketing agency in Kenya is to study their behavior and preferences, and this helps us to pick relevant strategies.

Once we know your target market, we help you set goals. You might be wanting to get your audience to try out a product, or you might want a bigger following or even increase sales. Our experts work with you in defining your goals to choose a strategy that will help you achieve them. Likewise, the goals help you to pick success measurement methods. That way, you can easily establish whether your influencer marketing approach is viable or not and make the right adjustments.

Content creation

Being the people’s favorite, we offer content creation services. We understand that quality content is a core component of a successful marketing strategy and take it seriously. Influencers are product or service consumers that use various platforms to share useful information, opinions, and ideas about certain topics. The meaningful content can be in the form of reviews, stories, videos, blogs, and other preferred formats.

Our experts will create authentic and relevant content for your consumers. It is through such content that your customers will develop trust and buy your product. We can create such content by doing deep research about your competitors and keyword research as well.

We also take charge of your content updates. Consumers or followers are always interested in new content, and you must prove that you can keep up with the current trends. It means that you have to be always informed about posting content or updates. Our experts have all the time to handle this on your behalf.

Account Management

Another one of our services is account management. You can leave your account with us, and we will manage it because of our skill and experience. You can never go wrong with us.

Monitoring and tracking metrics

We are a top influencer marketing firm in Kenya because we work hard, and our efforts show results. We can succeed thanks to our keen monitoring and evaluation procedures. As we set goals, we ensure that they are measurable to track the consumer decision-making journey and your strategy’s overall performance.

When we track various metrics, we want to know if your influencer marketing approach is performing or not. While most companies understand the importance of digital marketing, most still prefer conventional methods such as excessive ads. We offer a solution for this through our well-structured influencer techniques to spark conversations with consumers. That helps you to identify useful metrics that you can use to measure your success or progress.

Our tracking procedures are accurate and detailed to allow us to understand your influencer marketing strategy intensively. It entails tracking the performance of views, your audience reach, and engagement in different channels. We also analyze the media value of your business and how much your channel is worth it. We then use advanced tools to export the data and share reports in different formats.

Our experts do the analysis using the latest technologies for accuracy purposes. They then use the data collected to enhance your influencer marketing strategy. The output also facilitates better decision-making regarding matters related to your content creation and distribution, as well as your social media channel choices. This is why we pride ourselves on being the best influencer marketing agency in Kenya.

Work with the best Influencer Marketing Company in Kenya

Hariox Media stands out as an influencer marketing company because we deliver results. Here are some of the benefits of working with us

Guaranteed results

Great customer service

Transparent reporting

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