Digital Marketing in Nairobi

Digital Marketing in Nairobi

Hariox Media offers you the best digital marketing in Nairobi

Digital Marketing in Nairobi

If you have for a long time been trying to expand or you have just started a new business and would like it to take off fast, internet marketing is the way to go. However, you need to work with the right professionals if you are to succeed. There is no better Digital Marketing in Nairobi service provider than Hariox Media. Call us today and enjoy our quality and personalized services.

Thousands of potential clients use a few hours on the internet daily, and you need to take advantage of this opportunity. With digital marketing, you can expand your business to new areas and even expand your team and still achieve accomplishments in your niche. Our company has walked with hundreds of clients down this road, and we are happy to do the same with you. We are masters in digital marketing so leave everything to us, and you will experience major milestones in your business.

Digital Marketing in Nairobi: Why you need Hariox Media as your partner

While there are many digital marketing firms that you can hire, Hariox Media is by far the best option. We take pride in our performance-driven services that guarantee customer satisfaction. We understand the nitty-gritty required in the industry as well as the major aspects of the business. That way, we are capable of implementing an efficient digital marketing strategy that will transform your business.

Our broad product and service portfolio allows us to reach out to both small and big organizations in any industry. We have the right tools, strategies, and personnel to help you realize your long-awaited digital marketing goals. Whether you want us to improve your search results rankings, increase conversion, or website redesign, our competent team is the perfect fit for you. The sooner you reach out to us, the faster you will start enjoying positive results.


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Why brands trust Hariox Media

Quality Work

We do not compromise on quality. We deliver nothing short of exceptional work


Any services offered to our clients are carefully strategized before implementation

Affordable Prices

We have very reasonable prices so that your digital marketing efforts do not break the bank

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Wide range of services

Digital marketing is a cross-platform service and Hariox Media offers all these services

Monitoring & Reporting

We give clear reports so you understand where your brand stands

Experienced Team

Our in-house digital marketing team understands what it takes to grow a brand across all digital platforms. We know our stuff.

The Digital Marketing Services we provide in Nairobi


Search engine optimization is one of our top services because about 80% of buyers do product research online. Therefore, we help you develop online visibility for search engines like Bing and Google to locate your business easily. When your website appears at the top search results pages, it means more leads, sales conversions, as well as revenue.

Social media advertising and management

About 75% of buyers use social media when making purchase decisions. Also, the average internet user spends 30% of their time on social media. We understand the potential of these statistics on your internet marketing campaign and make the most out of it.

We will help you improve your online presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. This entails providing useful content to your followers that in turn spark conversation about your products and services, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Pay per click advertising (Google Ads)

PPC provides you with a competitive advantage and is cost-effective. For every $1 spent, the average return is about $8 per Google Ad, making it a lucrative strategy. Our skilled team takes control of targeting specific keywords and phrases with PPC advertisements. They create ads that target willing buyers. Also, they fine-tune all aspects of your ads from the content to display and the landing page requirements. All this is to improve the shopper’s experience.

Content marketing

We do content marketing as well, where we develop target-specific content that is of high-quality and relevance. This includes blogs, video, and audio content. We use a personalized approach to understand your audience and incorporate SEO to produce the best content.

Email marketing

Our company offers email marketing, as well. Our experts ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors by sending informative emails to customers. These emails contain information such as CTAs, product updates, and blog excerpts. They also use techniques to improve your email success, such as the use of video.

Website development and design

We are also gurus in website design and development. We can help you create functional and attractive websites that work for your business. We take into consideration aspects such as display, loading time, web copy, and so much more.

Work with the best Digital Marketing Company in Kenya

Hariox Media stands out as a digital marketing company because we deliver results. Here are some of the benefits of working with us

Guaranteed results

Great customer service

Transparent reporting

What are you waiting for? Share with us what you are working on and we'll come up with a unique strategy just for you

The pros of working with us

When you hire us, you can enjoy countless benefits. No client has something negative to say about our Digital Marketing in Nairobi services, and your case will not be any different. We will help you reach out to as many clients as possible by building a heavy online dominance. Also, our services aim at driving more leads to your website and improving the online customer experience.
We also invest a lot of resources into researching your target audience and understanding their needs. That way, any online marketing approach that we choose is in line with your audience. Most importantly, we create a deep connection with your customers, and they gain trust and loyalty. With our services, you can begin seeing results in a matter of days or weeks.

On top of offering quality online marketing services, you can enjoy a professional relationship with us. Our company has well-trained experts that know how to handle clients even under pressure. They will always inform you about the progress of your job even when they face challenges. We have a team of competent experts that do whatever it takes to ensure that your digital marketing campaign works accordingly.

Hariox Media is also reliable. You can reach us at any time in case you have any queries or updates for us. Likewise, we understand that clients can change their mind about the scope of a digital marketing campaign. In such a case, we always request for a sit-down with the client to discuss the changes to create a realistic work plan and budget.

Our costs are also affordable. When you compare our online marketing prices with that of competitors, you will realize that we have the best packages. Our pricing is not fixed as it depends on the nature of the job. You can reach out to us for quotations, and we will be more than happy to discuss the terms. The bottom line is that our services are worth every dime that you invest.

For everything about Digital Marketing in Nairobi, Hariox Media is your answer.

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