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Content Marketing in Kenya by Hariox Media

Gone are the days when businesses relied on traditional marketing strategies such as ads that interrupted the audience. Today, attracting your target audience and converting them into buyers requires you to relate with your customers more closely. The best way to achieve this is through content marketing.

You can achieve great milestones such as improving your brand’s awareness, increasing conversions, boosting revenue, and even becoming a leader in your industry with the right strategy. Also, you need co competent experts to help you. That is what Hariox Media offers. For everything regarding content marketing in Kenya, come to us, and we shall assist you.

Why you must hire Hariox Media

Today, audiences are interested in quality content than never before. Hence, we ensure that we give them what they need. We take our time to understand their issues and then tell them how your brand offers solutions. Consumers can relate to such content, and they take an interest in your products. Coming up with customized content is not an easy task. It turns out that the solution lies in our services. Reach out to us and start building your online presence fast.

We also have the finest content marketers in the market. They are all certified and experienced, and you can be sure of an excellent job. Also, they are dedicated to their work and guarantee client satisfaction. There is no impossible project for them, and customers have nothing but prices for their expertise.

We are also the most affordable firm when it comes to content marketing in Kenya. We empathize with our customers and charge them reasonably. What you must note is that every project is unique and priced differently. We are flexible enough to accommodate both small and big companies, unlike some content marketers with flat rates. We are the right partner if you want quality at an affordable rate.

Hariox Media also offers an array of content marketing services to suit the demands of various clients. We take care of all your requests, and there is no need to seek a third party when you hire us.


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Why brands trust Hariox Media

Quality Work

We do not compromise on quality. We deliver nothing short of exceptional work


Any services offered to our clients are carefully strategized before implementation

Affordable Prices

We have very reasonable prices so that your digital marketing efforts do not break the bank

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Wide range of services

Digital marketing is a cross-platform service and Hariox Media offers all these services

Monitoring & Reporting

We give clear reports so you understand where your brand stands

Experienced Team

Our in-house digital marketing team understands what it takes to grow a brand across all digital platforms. We know our stuff.

Content marketing in Kenya: What Hariox Media offers

Our product portfolio is broad and includes the following services.

Blogs can help you promote your products, educate your audience, and promote other external articles as well. We are highly conversant with writing blogs in all niches. We use the right tone, structure, and content to give your consumers a personalized read.

When writing blogs, we do keyword research using advanced keyword-finding tools. We also research your competitors and the conversations they are having. In turn, we can create quality and competitive content that will drive consumers to your website.

Our experts are also and review the blogs before publishing and posting. Likewise, they ensure that your content is the latest to remain on top of your industry. They use automated calendars and schedules to get the job done.

We can also write guest blogs for you and do backlinking. That way, clients that read those blogs and click the links find your website. That is an excellent way to extend your reach and get new organic traffic.

Social media content marketing

There are more than 3.6 billion social media users worldwide, and you can see why many investors are taking their businesses online. There are various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you can have as many accounts as you want on different platforms. However, you will only succeed if you have great content.

Our experts are knowledgeable about various forms of content creation and distribution. They make sure that your consumers receive the content and are compelled beyond any reasonable doubt. They can create live videos, photos, stories, audio, pre-recorded videos, and any other formats that you would like.

Paid Ads

Our company also specializes in paid ads and mainly Google Ads. The pay-per-click concept can work for you because you can post your words on social media, banners, sponsored content, and even landing pages. Hence, you increase your visibility while at the same time, maximizing ROI. That is because you only pay for the ads if a relevant visitor clicks on your links.

Social media monitoring


We also create podcasts that are a favorite for many adults. Research shows that about 37% of adults in the US have listened to a podcast in 2020. In this regard, we understand the potential podcasts have when it comes to growing your business.

If you would like to have one, we are more than happy to create it and share it with your audience. We will also help you determine other elements, including the tempo and length of episodes, the podcast host and content, and where to share the content. We also guarantee quality by thoroughly editing your content to ensure that viewers watch yours and not your competitors. You should leave everything in your hands and wait to see more views.


Infographics entail displaying information, data, or content authentically and naturally to your consumers. Our experts can create fantastic infographics for you using clear wording, short statements, and quality images or voice-overs. We also use professional templates and structure your infographics accordingly. We guarantee that your content communicates effectively to your audience and is easily understandable.


Research shows that more than half of all consumers must view videos from the brands they like. Therefore, if you want to increase your conversions and ROI, come to us for video services. We have done content marketing for years and have the skill, experience, and equipment to create quality videos that will leave your audience in awe.

We work hard to ensure that the video content is relatable to your audience and that the visuals are of high quality. You will see that building relationships with your consumers will be easier when you work with us. We will also help you share the content on your social media or website.

For you to succeed in content marketing in Kenya, you need Hariox Media. We are your preferred partner.

Why we offer the best Content Marketing in Kenya

Hariox Media stands out as a content marketing company because we deliver results. Here are some of the benefits of working with us

Guaranteed results

Great customer service

Transparent reporting

What are you waiting for? Share with us what you are working on and we'll come up with a unique strategy just for you

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