Best SEO Company in Kenya

Hariox Media is the best SEO company in Kenya. Work with an award-winning agency and see your website rise through the ranks in SERPs

The Best SEO Company in Kenya

Currently, about 55% of all businesses capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO services are essential in increasing your online visibility to search engines such as Google. Also, keep in mind that 67% of people click on the top 5 results on Google. With millions of users doing their research online, you want your brand to earn a top rank in search engines' results pages. That way, you will get the visibility you desire, and that will translate to more revenue.

While many people think of SEO as an easy digital marketing process like any other, you must take it seriously. A lot is involved, and you need all the professional help that you can get. If you want to be successful, you need to hire Hariox Media, the best SEO company in Kenya.

Why you need Hariox Media’ services

Top-notch services

When you work with us, you will learn that we provide quality SEO consulting in Kenya. We supersede our competitors in all aspects, thanks to our skilled experts that fulfill all your SEO needs. We also have experience in various industries, and we can do wonders for your big or small business.

We start by understanding your business needs and come up with a customized SEO strategy that works. Likewise, we understand all the implementation procedures and challenges involved. Fortunately, we have a team with great problem-solving skills to ensure that all your SEO plans are implemented smoothly.


We are professional in every way, from dealing with our clients to service execution. When we promise to be done with your project by a certain date, believe us. We deploy enough experts, time, and resources to ensure that we keep our word. We are also in constant communication with our customers, guaranteeing transparency. If you are wondering why we have a good reputation, now you know.


One of the reasons that Hariox Media provides the best SEO consulting in Kenya is its pocket-friendly services. We have affordable SEO services for all customers. All you need to do is present us with your budget, and we will give you a service that is in line with it.


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Why brands trust Hariox Media

Quality Work

We do not compromise on quality. We deliver nothing short of exceptional work


Any services offered to our clients are carefully strategized before implementation

Affordable Prices

We have very reasonable prices so that your digital marketing efforts do not break the bank

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Wide range of services

Digital marketing is a cross-platform service and Hariox Media offers all these services

Monitoring & Reporting

We give clear reports so you understand where your brand stands

Experienced Team

Our in-house digital marketing team understands what it takes to grow a brand across all digital platforms. We know our stuff.

The SEO services offered by the best SEO company in Kenya

There are various services that Hariox Media offers, and they include the following.

Local SEO

Our local search engine optimization service is meant for local businesses that want to improve their online visibility. The aim is to boost your business listings for online search results. When customers search for services or products like yours in their locality, you want to be at the top of the results pages. Ultimately, we help you rank highly, resulting in more buyers and revenue.

Ecommerce SEO

This service aims at increasing online orders. eCommerce is a vast industry, and optimizing an eCommerce site is a bit more complex than blogs or corporate websites. That is because there are more pages to optimize for the best results.

Our experts take up this service flawlessly, and you will have your SEO optimized website running within no time. They optimize your homepage, category pages, product pages, and all visual elements of your online store.

Mobile SEO

We offer mobile SEO for all your mobile devices. Today, over 60% of all Google searches come from mobile phones. Therefore, allow us to offer you this service and grow your business. We will make your website mobile-friendly, ensuring that the loading speed is fast and user-friendly.

We also guarantee your users a smooth experience by ensuring that your site is easy to navigate on mobile and with great display and features. Also, they need not worry about aggressive ads and popups that might be a turnoff.

On-Page optimization

As the best SEO company in Kenya, we offer on-page optimization. This service makes your pages friendlier to users and search engines. While search engines identify websites as a whole, rankings are based on pages. That is why we do thorough optimization for all your website pages. We optimize everything from your page titles, tags, headings, and images. We also ensure that your pages are well-formatted.

We also focus on your content. Consumers are only interested in educative and relatable content, and that is what we give them. Our experts generate quality content and publish it on your website regularly.

Off-page optimization

Quality SEO consulting in Kenya also entails off-page optimization. It entails using effective techniques such as link building to make your website rank highly. We help you get backlinks from other trusted websites that help to build authority and trust to your audience. We also do brand promotion by getting conversations going about it on social media and other platforms.

Personalized strategy creation and implementation

Once we have gathered accurate data and analyzed it, we can develop a personalized SEO approach. Hence, you can maximize your ROI due to an increased interest by clients. With our strategies, you will get more inquiries, orders, and even visits by potential and existing clients. Your clients will also develop loyalty resulting in repeated sales.

Competition and performance analysis

For you to have an effective SEO strategy, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of your competition. Thankfully, our company has what it takes to do a thorough competitor analysis. We have advanced tools and well-abled experts to get the job done. They do both offline and online analysis to get the most accurate data. The aim is to identify the strong points and weaknesses of your competition so that you can maximize the opportunity and gain a competitive advantage.

We do the analysis as often as possible, depending on your needs. We can do it monthly, quarterly, every half year, or annually. Of course, the shorter the time frame, the more the data. It is also easy to note potential opportunities, and you also get to make appropriate changes to your existing SEO strategy. With our help, you choose the right monitoring plan and can take your company further.

If you want to work with the best SEO company in Kenya, think Hariox Media. We provide all SEO solutions that your business needs to reach the top.

Work with the best Social Media Marketing Company in Kenya

Hariox Media stands out as a social media marketing company because we deliver results. Here are some of the benefits of working with us

Guaranteed results

Great customer service

Transparent reporting

What are you waiting for? Share with us what you are working on and we'll come up with a unique strategy just for you

Why you should partner with us

As a reputable social media marketing company in Kenya, we maintain transparency and professionalism. In fact, all our campaigns have been a success, and many customers have nothing but praises for our services.

We are excellent professionals that deliver nothing but the best. Our skills enable us to roll out social media marketing campaigns effectively, although not without normal problems and issues. Nonetheless, our exceptional problem-solving attributes enable us to deliver our promises to you. Hence, you can save yourself the trouble of working with unreliable experts by hiring us today.

We also have accurate reporting procedures that help us to track your campaigns. Most firms will only be hands-on during implementation, and very few will be available to offer post-project support.

Hariox Media understands the value of follow up for our goal is to make your marketing campaign as effective as possible. Hence, we create detailed reports that show the overall performance. Likewise, we like to break down the tasks involved against the costs involved. All this is so that you can be able to make major decisions. If you need professional insight, we will be there to assist.

If you want to hire a social media marketing company in Kenya, choose Hariox Media, and you will not have any regrets.

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