Digital Marketing For Elections: A Guide For 2022

Many years ago, people relied on traditional media to inform, educate, entertain, and influence, but today the world has shifted to the digital space. Everything is taking place online. Creating and growing businesses, online learning, e-banking, and now politicians use digital marketing for elections.  So how can digital marketing be used to influence an election? …

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A laptop and pieces of paper on a table- digital marketing for elections

Social Media For Political Campaigns: Ultimate Guide

Political campaigns aim to motivate people to vote for a political candidate. The more supporters you have, the more chances you have of winning an election. Many activities and conversations take place online, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to use social media for political campaigns.  Social Media is a powerful tool that will help …

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A man putting putting his vote in a ballot - social media for political campaigns

Business Blogs In Kenya

Content marketing is a powerful tool for all business owners. For this reason, you’ll need a blog to market your business. The idea of starting business blogs in Kenya can be intimidating, but it is successful in the end. Many people misunderstand business blogging. A business blog should pass relevant information to interested readers and …

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Business blogs in Kenya

Social Media In Kenya

Kenya has been described as a country that has embraced social media. When reporting about social media in Kenya, Datareportal says that Kenyans are warming up to social media. Kenya is number one in East Africa and four in Africa in terms of internet penetration. This article speaks about Social Media In Kenya and its impact on …

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Social Media In Kenya

Digital Marketing In Kenya

More and more businesses are using digital marketing strategies to reach their customers. Digital marketing techniques have proven to be a cost-effective way to reach a target audience and retain your existing customers. Unlike traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing allows personalized marketing. It also helps businesses get better conversion rates and to track their …

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Digital Marketing In Kenya
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