Business blogs in Kenya

Business Blogs In Kenya

Content marketing is a powerful tool for all business owners. For this reason, you’ll need a blog to market your business. The idea of starting business blogs in Kenya can be intimidating, but it is successful in the end. Many people misunderstand business blogging. A business blog should pass relevant information to interested readers and identify your business. Hariox Media can help you develop a content marketing strategy even with your business blog.

What is a business blog?

A business blog is a marketing channel for your business. It can further help you to increase your presence online and spread brand awareness. Therefore, it has become a key component for a successful business used by most online businesses in Kenya. The main purpose of a business blog is to create revenue and to attract visitors to your site. Thus, the more visitors you have read your content, the more likely you will convert them into leads and boost sales. 

Today, most Kenyans rely on online businesses to get their products and services. It is therefore important to have business blogs in Kenya to enhance your online visibility. Your consumers can easily find you if you have an online presence. 

Importance of a business blog in Kenya

With the increase in online content, your business has to stand out.  For most business owners, blogging can be challenging. This is because it may take more time and energy before seeing the results.

The following are reasons why business blogs in Kenya are important:

  1.  Improve brand awareness

The key reason for business blogging is to promote your brand. A business blog will consequently create more opportunities for your company to be discovered by potential customers and partners. Each of your posts should have relevant content that can be easily be found via search engines like Google. This will result in high-quality traffic and therefore more people becoming aware of your brand and what you offer. 

  1. Build relationships with customers

Business blogging can help you create and nurture relationships with the relevant target audience. With this in mind, you can create a  blog post and ask for readers’ comments and thoughts. Similarly, you can also ask them to write guest posts for your business blog. 

Building these relationships will promote business loyalty. Moreover, your audience will have a positive impression of your business. They’ll also understand that you appreciate feedback and can answer their questions. 

An example is Coca-Cola. Although they are a global business, they always try to get people involved by using their hashtags and creating polls on social media.

  1. Boosts search engine optimization

Search engines are always updated to provide fresh content to searchers. If your business blog appears in most searches then you will get more customers. You can do this by blogging consistently. This will give Google new content to index and you can therefore increase visibility. 

  1. Generate leads

Most successful business blogs in Kenya use blogs for this sole purpose. You can, therefore,  add an email list section in your blog and ask your readers to subscribe to your content. You can further use these emails for marketing purposes.

Not only will your readers regularly see your blog posts, but they will also give you a chance to promote your business and interact with them. The more often you connect with a lead, the higher the chance of converting them into customers. 

Top 5 business blogs in Kenya

  1. Nomad Africa

Nomad Africa is a business blog that deals in travel. In addition to that, their blog inspires readers on places to visit and things to do. Nomad brings readers diverse and exciting content on destinations, road trips, interviews with famous people, and weekend escapes every month. 

They also engage with their audience through social media by sharing polls and encouraging them to subscribe to their email list. Similarly, they have a travel magazine where they post content on travelling and allow the audience to give them feedback.

  1. Amit Gadhia Advocates

Located in Nairobi, Kenya. Amit Gadhia Advocates is a business blog that provides legal services. They similarly provide services to businesses, investors, company secretarial. They give advice on data protection and privacy as well as wills and estates. Moreover, they engage with their audience through their business blogs. 

  1. Hariox Media

Hariox Media is a Kenyan-based business blog. They specialize in digital marketing and are known as the best in Kenya. Their main services are SEO, social media management, social media advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing. Also, they engage with their readers through their blog comment section and social media. The blog publishes content on digital marketing business solutions.

  1. Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Just like the name states, Kaluhi’s Kitchen is a business blog in the food sector. Kaluhi’s kitchen was formed in 2014 and is run by Kaluhi Adagala, a food enthusiast. She has been featured in various famous brands. Additionally, she has a partnership with other brands for reviews including Unilever, CNN, etc.  

Her blogs are all about recipes of different dishes and her experiences at different restaurants in Kenya.  Furthermore, she has a comment section on all her blogs where interested readers can engage with her. You can also communicate with her on her Gmail address provided on her blog. You won’t miss your favorite recipe in this blog.

  1. Nairobi Garage

Nairobi Garage is Africa’s largest coworking space for new and growing responses to the need for non-traditional, lean, and flexible office spaces. They deal in:

  • Private offices
  • Coworking
  • Club space
  • Meeting rooms

Similarly, they have a magazine where they share their content with their readers. They also engage with their audience through social media platforms.


Managing business blogs in Kenya can be a bit challenging, but the potential benefits are amazing. Opening a business blog will ensure that you are visible to your customers. Find out more about how to start a blog in Kenya. With most companies embracing online businesses, you need to have a blog to stand out and attract more customers.

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