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Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

If you are interested in affiliate marketing in Kenya, this article will do you some good. Since the world is highly digitized, you should go the online way. Of all online businesses, affiliate marketing is lucrative, and you can accumulate wealth fast. Stuck? Here is all you need to know about affiliate marketing in Kenya; how much you can make and what you need to get started.


What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing entails promoting a product or service to get a commission. In comparison, most people fear performance-based marketing models. Most people do not realize that they do it every once in a while, if not daily. For instance, salespeople usually market products eyeing commissions. The only difference is that the marketing is offline. 

Affiliate marketing parties

There are different parties involved in the affiliate marketing cycle. Therefore, as a marketer, you should understand who you will be dealing with.

  • The affiliate: Also referred to as the marketer, publisher, or advertiser. That is the person that earns from promoting the products.
  • The merchant: This is the owner or seller of the product or service you will be promoting. It could be a company or an individual.
  • The network: Companies have different sites for different products, and affiliates can’t visit each site. Hence, merchants usually have a central website where they post products they want to sell, and this is the network. You need to register an account to get access.
  • The client: These are the buyers of the products you promote.

Different types of affiliate marketing channels

Affiliates use different marketing channels to look appealing and receptive to buying promoted products and services. Some of the channels include the following:-

  • Influencers

Influencer marketing is a viable income source for affiliate marketers. An influencer is a person that has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of a large group of people. Influencers can benefit greatly from affiliate marketing in Kenya. They already have a large following, and they can easily direct customers to a seller’s products via blogs, social media, and other interactions. Having a big following can earn you a commission from the sales you help to bring in. If you’re looking to join the bandwagon, Hariox media can help you with your influencer marketing.

  • Bloggers

Blogging can help increase your conversions through authentic and quality content. Of course, you need to create a blog and maintain it. It is advisable to purchase hosting and have your domain for authenticity purposes. You can write reviews about a sample product and compel buyers to make a purchase. Ensure that you post content regularly.

  • Email lists

Email marketing also helps to generate affiliate marketing income.

Some affiliates use email lists to promote products, while others maximize sending email newsletters containing hyperlinks to products and services. Another way is to build a credible email list repeatedly and use various campaigns to send out emails.

  • Media websites

Big media websites focus on building high traffic and large audiences. They promote products through affiliate links and banners. This approach provides superior exposure and improves conversions resulting in increased income for both the merchant and the affiliate.

  • Paid search-centered microsites

Microsites can help convert sales because of their straightforward CTAs. They are advertised inside a partner website or on sponsored listings of search engines, separate from a company’s primary site, and are more specific to a particular audience.

Affiliate marketing in Kenya: Different ways of making money

Now that you know what affiliate marketing entails and the parties involved, you probably are eager to see how you will earn. You can make money in various ways, but that depends on the affiliate marketing platforms you choose.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many individuals are excited by the thought of PPC. Ideally, what you need to do is compel visitors to click on your link and earn. What they do on the website does not matter. Whether they stay on the website or exit after a few seconds, you will still earn from the click. However, though this model is enticing, the pay is relatively low, and you will need a lot of clicks for you to earn a reasonable amount of money.

  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) 

In the PPS model, you earn a commission for each sale that you close. That is the leading service in Kenya, and that means that you must be aggressive to get successful sales.

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL) 

PPL is quite complicated than PPS and PPC. You need to persuade a buyer to perform the desired action. For instance, you might be promoting a new website and want as many sign-ups as possible. It would be best if you convinced people to visit the website and register for membership.

For more on how influencers make money online, read our post “How Do Bloggers Make Money In Kenya?”

Affiliate marketing programs in Kenya

There are various affiliate marketing programs in Kenya though all are not from the country. They include Taboola, Google AdSense, Revcontent, and many more. You can still make money from Kenyan companies, as discussed below.

  • Jumia

Jumia is one of the largest online shopping malls in Kenya. It sells a range of products across all niches, from foodstuffs to electronics, beauty products, electronics, furniture, and many more. The affiliate program was launched in November 2014. Affiliates earn an 11% commission if a client purchases a product within 30 days after clicking the link. 

  • Kilimall

Kilimall is another competitive affiliate program that offers clients a commission from 8% to 30% of a product’s cost. 

  • Kenya Pesa

Kenya Pesa is a telecommunications platform that facilitates sending money from foreign accounts to M-Pesa. The commission is $0.05 per referral.

  • Travelstart Kenya

The platform is an online travel agency, and you earn commissions when customers book flights from your link.

There are many more platforms, and each has unique terms and conditions for affiliates. You can visit their websites for all the information you need.

The pros of affiliate marketing

The pros of affiliate marketing include the following :-

  • Passive income

Passive income is the money earned when you are not actively working. For instance, you might post an advert about a laptop in the morning, and a customer buys it later in the evening when you are not aware. You can earn affiliate marketing commissions passively.

  • Convenience: You can work from home

Of course, this is a big advantage because your the boss and in charge of your time. You can work comfortably on the beach with your shorts on. Also, you can do it as a part-time job and gradually make it your full-time job as you gain experience. There are countless testimonials and success stories of many Kenyans that have made it in the affiliate marketing industry. It would be best if you took time to read the stories or watch the videos to be motivated.

  • Flexible

Affiliate marketing in Kenya is a money-making mine and can be done from anywhere. You do not even need a desktop or laptop. You can do it on your smartphone at work, home, or even in transit and earn.

  • Performance-based income

Most jobs have a fixed income, your effort notwithstanding. With affiliate marketing, you get rewarded for your effort. The harder you work, the more the earnings. 

  • Limited interaction

Unlike the usual sales jobs that require meeting with clients, affiliate marketing does not require this interaction, of course, unless you want it. That is mostly favorable to beginners.

The cons of affiliate marketing

Below are some cons of affiliate marketing.

  • Performance-based earning

While earning based on performance is an advantage, it is also a con. It means that you must work extra hard to get the sales. Again, not all customers that click your links will buy a product. They might read your content or view your ads but purchase the product elsewhere. 

  • Results take time

For you to build trust with buyers, it will take time. Hence, you must work hard consistently and be patient. But once you get the first few sales, the orders will keep flowing. Also, things get better as you get exposure and experience.

How much can you make from Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

The amount of money that you can earn from affiliate marketing depends on several factors, including the company you join, the channels you use, and the products that you sell. It is advisable to join affiliate companies that pay high commissions. Also, you need to choose a less competitive affiliate marketing niche such as agriculture and use the right marketing channels to increase your chances of making sales. 


What do I need to start? 

If you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer, you need to start immediately. What you need is to be online and have a blog, website, or social media account. You can be on mobile data or WiFi, as long as the connection is stable. Depending on the marketing channel, you will need a laptop or PC and a Smartphone. 

With all this information about affiliate marketing in Kenya, you can now confidently begin your affiliate marketing journey and succeed.

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